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Common Ear Problems You May Face

August 11, 2020 Natalie 0

Ear related problems can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable especially in teenage. Ear problems are not common in everyone but can lead you to troubling situations. That’s why it is highly recommended to head towards the professionals if you are facing any issue as soon as possible. For small problems, you should have the basic ear care supplies in your first aid kit to use it in case of any emergency situation. Here are some common ear issues that you may face once in your life.

Ear infections

It is the most common issue and occurs in children. The problem can result in causing earaches, pain, and frustration which gets vanished after a few days. The infection can be of two types, inner and outer infection. The inner infection affects the inner part of your ear called the Eustachian tube. On the other hand, outer infection is caused by the fungus and bacteria that get deposited in the canal. This problem generally occurs at the age of 45 to 75.


Glue ear

It is the most common condition that is noticed in children at a young age. This particularly affects the children of 6 to 8 years. In this issue, the sticky substance or glue-like fluid gets deposited in-ear. This causes problems in hearing. The best way to get rid of this problem is to visit a professional ear clinic and get your ear cleaned as soon as possible. You can also clean at your home with the help of quality and efficient equipment available at