The Microscience Microscopy Congress 2014, 30 June - 3 July 2014, Manchester, UK
  • An international conference with four parallel sessions
    An international conference with four parallel sessions
  • Europe's largest microscopy and imaging exhibition with over 100 companies
    Europe's largest microscopy and imaging exhibition with over 100 companies
  • A programme of free workshops and access to the RMS Learning Zone
    A programme of free workshops and access to the RMS Learning Zone
  • A full social programme of receptions and Congress Banquet
    A full social programme of receptions and Congress Banquet


Plans for mmc2015 are well-advanced. It is building on the success of 2014 and, for the first time, will incorporate the ever-popular EMAG. Visit the website and see what we have planned.

Great training, and they are free

mmc2014 will continue the acclaimed programme of special "hands-on" Workshops originally introduced in 2002. The workshops enable the visitor to learn more about the practical details of the conference topics and microscopy in general.

The workshops will all take place on the exhibition floor in the four workshop theatres from Tuesday 1st July - Thursday 3rd July. Each session will run for approx 45 minutes.

Workshops are FREE to all visitors at mmc2014 to attend. You won’t need to pre-register, just make sure you turn up on time to ensure you have a seat.

A programme of the workshops can be found below.

ALL EXHIBITORS - The workshop booking form is now closed

Workshop presenters click here for information on presenting your talks. 


Workshop Area 1

Workshop Area 2

Workshop Area 3

Workshop Area 4







 Andor Technology - Using Active Illumination microscopy techniques for deeper investigations into cell and systems biology 

VisiTech InternationalSuper Resolution in Multi Point Confocal

 Oxford Instruments NanoanalysisCracking cell biology wide open with advanced SEM microanalysis



 GE HealthcarePractical Approaches and Considerations for Super-resolution Imaging

 BitplaneImaris 7.7 built for speed  


 Andor Technology - Improving the performance of the Yokogawa Spinning Disk confocal


FEI CompanyCorrelative microscopy made easy: From live cell functional imaging to electron microscopy ultrastructure

Carl Zeiss Ltd- Fast, Gentle Imaging for Living Samples – The Lightsheet Z1 

Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments Company - The MFP-3D Infinity AFM - Higher Performance and New Features 

 OlympusDigital Microscopy - Making the difference


HORIBAQuantitive Fluorescence Ratio Imaging in Biosciences

Excelitas Technologies (X-Cite®) - How LEDs can provide a Stable and Kind Environment for Live Cell Imaging 

Gatan UKUltrafast cameras, sample stages and controlforin situ TEM and SEM   

 Thermo Scientific - How to specify an EDS Detector


Leica Microsystems - New Dimensions in Super-resolution with Leica Microsystems

Hitachi High Technologies - Next-generation CFE-SEM: a step change in high-end imaging and analysis 

 JEOLImaging & Analysis at low kV 

 E.A. Fischione Instruments - Concentrated Ar ion milling for ultra- high resolution TEM imaging and analysis of conventional or FIB samples used in materials science 


Laser 2000Diode Lasers in Fluorescence Microscopy

 Andor TechnologyFast and Sensitive Cameras for Microscopy 

 Indigo Scientific - Indigo Scientific discusses Jenoptik colour cameras - mac or pc? and Okolabs exciting new ideas on live cell incubation 





 Hamamatsu Photonics UK LtdVersatile by Design: Cameras for Life Science 




Bruker Nano Surfaces DivisionOpterra : the New Way of Multipoint Confocal Imaging









 Andor Technology - A Simple laser-free confocal offering flexibility with high performance

 BitplaneImaris software for 3D/4D image analysis applications: confocal, Multi-photon, Super Res. Microscopy

 Linkam Scientific - Correlative EM and fluorescence cryo-microscopy (CLEM): concepts and latest developments

NanoMEGAS SPRL / LOT QuantumDesign Ltd-TEM orientation and strain mapping at nm scale with precession diffraction 


FEI Company - Cutting-edge DualBeam™ sample prep and TEM analysis for material science

Bruker & Hitachi High TechnologiesApplications of a novel annular EDS detector

TVIPSMulti-Purpose CMOS Cameras for TEM Data Acquisition Software and Automation

 GE Healthcare - Early testing of Drug Toxicology using Cytell™ Imaging Cytometer- A Simplified Solution for Automated Cell Imaging and Analysis. 


Excelitas Technologies (X-Cite®) How LEDs can provide a Stable and Kind Environment for Live Cell Imaging 

Carl Zeiss Ltd -Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy – on the way from 2D towards 3D

Gatan UKCathodoluminescence for TEM-the resolution breakthrough

Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments CompanyblueDrive™ photothermal excitation for fast, reliable and quantitative AFM


HORIBACathodluminescence Imaging and Spectroscopy:  A Powerful Technique for Advanced Materials Characterisation at the Nanoscale

EDAX (Ametek)Advanced (Image) Analysis with an EBSD system 

 Agilent TechnologiesRevolutionary New 7500 Extends Forefront of Atomic Force Microscopy!

Bruker Nano Surfaces Division Mapping receptor over living cell by PeakForce Tapping 


HORIBARaman Imaging: More Than a Nice Picture 

Hitachi High TechnologiesClever little SEM": how benchtop SEM makes advanced analysis and detection accessible to all 

  Hamamatsu Photonics UK LtdSpatial Light Modulators: Expanding the Concepts of Light Control

Bruker Nano Surfaces DivisionHigh resolution and mechanical mapping over polymer by AFM 


Ametek Taylor Hobson - Recent advances in intererometry, thin films and steep slopes

 Andor TechnologyFast and Sensitive Cameras for Microscopy 

 Deben UK LtdA leap Ahead with Sensitivity and Speed



Leica MicrosystemsHigh resolution Cryo transfer












  Linkam Scientific - Make more of your microscope...with Linkam




 BitplaneImaris software for non-fluorescence 3D/4D images analysis ie. Bright-field, EM, MicroCT, OPT 

Hamamatsu Photonics Ltd UK - Virtual Microscopy for Cellular Pathology Applications 

 Surface measurement System Ltd - Critcal Humidity in Light, Raman, FITR and other microscopes


EDAX (Ametek BV)Comparison between SEM/EDS and XRF (20 mins) WDS: where EDS hits the limits (20 mins)

Carl Zeiss LtdX-ray Tomography as a Correlative Imaging Technique 

 JEOLAtomic Resolution Microanalysis in HRTEM 

E.A. Fischione Instruments - Optimised sample preparation using Argon ion polishing for SEM, EBSD and TKD 


ConapticTaking Control of your projects and booking schedule

HORIBA TERS:  Nanoscale Raman Chemical Imaging with the HORIBA AIST-NT System

Gatan UK - High resolution 3D SEM iaging over huge volumes: serial blick face SEM with Gatan 3view




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