Various Psychological Therapies For Treating Anxiety

December 8, 2021 Natalie 0

There are various kinds of treatments and therapies used by a psychotherapist for treating anxiety. If you are suffering from panic attacks, the obsession of thoughts, unrelenting worrying, etc. then you should hire a psychotherapist in Gilbert to manage your treatment.

Therapy is one of the best ways for treating anxiety and it teaches you how to control your anxiety level.

Types of therapies used for anxiety treatment

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – most of the anxiety therapists from Gilbert used CBT to treat anxiety. It is one of the effective ways to treat panic attacks, social anxiety disorder, etc. With the help of this therapy, psychotherapist addresses negative patterns and the way to look at the world. In this therapy, there are only two main components involved like cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy. Cognitive therapy examines how negative thoughts contribute to anxiety and behavioral therapy examines how you behave in situations that trigger anxiety.
  • Exposure therapy – if you have fear of various things like height then you take more time to cross a large bridge or avoid crossing the bridge. So, if you want to convert your fear into your strength then you should hire a psychotherapist. They use exposure therapy and teach you how to face the situation during anxiety attacks. With the help of this therapy, you can also increase your control over various situations and feel more relaxed. Exposure therapy may be conducted as an important part of cognitive behavioral therapy or may be used alone to treat anxiety.